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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Being new to blogger for me seems to make it hard to think what to say. But to update my life for the past month, the two knitted rabbits are for my grandaughters, filled with lavender from my garden I hope they will keep them in their bedrooms. These were made using oddments of wool collected from charity shops and boot sales. I have been busy sorting and selling on ebay lots of craft books and items in an effort to diminish my stack of crafting items, this effort is in the realization that I will never use all of this stash but it is hard to part with after a lifetime habit of collecting but happy in the knowledge that a like-minded crafter is buying. For me it is just like an online boot-sale because most items are only 99p and after paypal and ebay fees it is very little money left. The next ruthless clearout is my crafting machines, embroidery, embellisher, overlocker wish me luck.

I did manage to produce this flower

Made from papier mache and vintage embroidery, must remmber do not hoard paper!!1